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    Знаменитости высказались о смерти Нила Пирта

    Категория: Новости
    Автор: dess | 11 января 2020г. | Просмотров: 225

    Представители музыкальной индустрии высказались об уходе из жизни Нила Пирта

    Знаменитости высказались о смерти Нила Пирта

    My deepest condolences to his family , friends and fans. So sad to hear about Neil Peart passing. # NeilPeart pic.twitter.com / B8tM4ZcIQQ

    Very hard to find words to properly express the level of inspiration & influence he had on so so many musicians. It is unbelievably sad to hear that my favorite drummer of all time , Neil Peart , has left us. Farewell to a true king. pic.twitter.com / A9QkSWg2f9 He will forever remain at the top of my list.

    Neal Peart has died after fighting brain cancer for years. Absolutely Horrible News. So , so sad. His later life was filled with so much family tragedy. I’m just shocked. pic.twitter.com / EM4Ea1quaY

    He was an amazing drummer and made a huge ccontribution to Rock music. Really sorry to hear about Neil Peart’s passing. All my best to Alex and Geddy.

    Neil Peart is no longer with us. My hero just died. A true inspiration and someone I ? ve looked up to like no other. He ? s always been there , I quote him daily , I listen to him all the time and I think "What would Neil write" often. # rush # neilpeart Farewell my king.

    Neil was a kind soul. My prayers and condolences to the Peart Family , Fans and Friends. Rush Drummer Neil Peart Dead at 67 - Rolling Stone https : / / t.co / icYz6fnXfE R. I. P.......

    Rush's Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson have issued a statement on the death of their "friend , soul brother and band mate" Neil Peart https : / / t.co / G3RA1mHLev pic.twitter.com / BU5fREWtBy

    # neilpeart https : / / t.co / B8ssS79tRS RIP to a master ? ?

    Long Live Neil Peart - a quick video from behinds Neil’s kit - watch , feel and repeat pic.twitter.com / U2z9TLyfcg

    A true artist and a sweet , good guy. RIP Neil Peart. This is my tribute... air drumming one of THE greatest , iconic drum moments in rock history. And probably the most air drummed drummer of all time. # neilpeart # rush https : / / t.co / 01RW6pYWIl

    Thank you for your greatness Neil... RIP Neil Peart.. this is too sad for words.... # NeilPeart # Rush # rip https : / / t.co / RhhIn9BKcY

    I can’t begin to imagine how many drummers say that Neil Peart was "their guy." Every drummer has "their guy" - the first drummer that inspired them to pick up the sticks , or the drummer that they’ve taken the most inspiration from ( re : ripped off ) over their career. A note... pic.twitter.com / ungyhHpJv9

    On behalf of our entire team , we are proud to have worked with such an iconic , virtuosic drummer and we intend to honor Neil’s legacy as one of the greatest rock drummers of all time." "We are deeply saddened by the news of Neil Peart’s untimely passing. - John D'Addario III , CEO pic.twitter.com / RUJGYtlt04

    One the greatest drummers of all time. Sadly Neil Peart passed away earlier this week. Rush @ ZildjianCompany @ EvansDrumheads @ vicfirth @ HumesandBerg One of the founding members of one of the greatest Rock n Roll bands of all time.

    # RIPNeilPeart My deepest condolences to the band , crew & family. It absolutely breaks my heart to pieces to get the news of the passing of one of my greatest heroes of all time. You will always be my hero ? ? Rest In Peace my friend. For further thoughts : https : / / t.co / kg0StEx0EB pic.twitter.com / KnmalW5PLD

    Neil , Geddy & Alex changed my life as a young aspiring musician. What an incredibly sad moment. Condolences to the family and @ rushtheband organization. https : / / t.co / FX6QtE8k4c

    RIP. pic.twitter.com / 2iMWJq1uoo Sad to hear of Neil Peart passing.

    His influence and music will live on through anyone who picks up an instrument # neilpeart Such a loss , one of my favorite musicians of all time.

    Публикация от Taylor Momsen ( @ taylormomsen ) 10 Янв 2020 в 1:31 PST

    Another rock icon / legend gone much too soon ! ! ! R. I. P. To the drum legend / lyricist extraordinaire known as Neal Peart ! ! ! ! Godspeed... ? ? ? ? ? ? pic.twitter.com / Ai5w8nCLcH Now he’s in the arms of his wife and daughter again ! ! ! !

    RIP Neil Peart. The greatest of all time. I’m going to go raise a glass and then air-drum the shit out of Tom Sawyer. https : / / t.co / pL3xL4PUa0

    # RushForever # RushBand # DeepCondolences to # GeddyLee & # AlexLifeson for the passing of their beloved brother # NeilPeart.. may he # RestInPeace ? ? ? ? ? ?

    From his incredible playing , to his wonderful lyrics , for all the personal loss he had overcome , for being embarrassed by the trappings of fame , for his wit and humility and being a part of one of the greatest bands ever. So much love and respect for Neil Peart. Thank you so much https : / / t.co / OsMhfo4Y2B

    RIP # NeiPeart

    Публикация от Slash ( @ slash ) 10 Янв 2020 в 1:24 PST

    The master will be missed - Neil Peart RIP # RushForever pic.twitter.com / o4Y6chFiB3

    RIP Neil Peart. No fucking way..... I have so much love for you ! You inspired millions , myself included , you absolute LEGEND.

    My first massive drumming influence and one of my biggest influences EVER. Rest in Peace , Neil Peart. Rest easy Neil and thanks for all you brought to the drumming world. We've lost one of the greatest drummers who has ever lived. # RIPNeilPeart # TheProfessor pic.twitter.com / rXm6TwUbjV

    # theproffesor Body is gone... but his art is forever !

    Публикация от Cavalera Conspiracy Official ( @ cavaleraconspiracy ) 11 Янв 2020 в 1:17 PST

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